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Founded in 1991, Dallas Nursing Institute (DNI) is a nonprofit institution with a mission to advance the art and science of nursing through academic excellence by integrating the knowledge, skills, and values essential for entry-level nursing practice.

Dallas Nursing Institute is a nonprofit institution rooted in the belief that all students deserve quality instruction and guidance as they begin their quest for a professional nursing career. Built on values of openness, cultural sensitivity, and service, DNI’s Associate Degree of Nursing and Vocational Nursing programs utilize the latest technology and state of the industry equipment. DNI curriculum is designed to be academically rigorous and relevant to current industry standards.

The accelerated format allows graduates to go into their nursing field of choice equipped with hands-on experience and the expertise they need to succeed. New flexible evening and weekend options for the Vocational Nursing program make it easier for students to pursue a career in nursing while maintaining other commitments. DNI also provides continuous job placement support to all our graduates.

Students who choose DNI are diverse and dynamic—eager to gain the education they desire to make a positive change in their lives and the communities around them. Are you one of them? Take that positive first step today and make a call that could get you on the right track to a life-changing future in the nursing profession.


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