DNI’s Vocational Nursing Program prepares you with the skills and information necessary to pass the NCLEX and practice as a vocational nurse.’

Vocational Nursing Program

Now also offered in a convenient, flexible evening format

Beginning August 25, 2014, we will start offering our Vocational Nursing program with an evening option in addition to the current daytime offering.

The certification in Vocational Nursing program at Dallas Nursing Institute is a four-semester, 51-week program that prepares the graduate with the skills and information necessary to pass the NCLEX-PN and practice as a competent vocational nurse. Students will learn proper patient care, medical terminology, medication administration, body systems, body growth and development, patient care assessment, and nursing procedures. Upon attaining their Vocational Nursing License, students can obtain employment in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, home health agencies, and correctional facilities.

The conceptual framework for the vocational nursing program is based on the goal of enabling the individual student to learn and use skills essential to the achievement of a maximum level of health and functioning for each client. The core curriculum describes and teaches the basic biological, psychological, and sociological needs of man and progresses to the higher needs of dignity and well-being desired by all individuals. Holistic nursing practice combines art, skill, and science in utilizing the nursing process to meet the needs of each individual. A systematic approach involves the use of assessment skills, planning care, nursing interventions, and the evaluation of nursing interventions. The result for the individual is health and the ability to function at the highest level possible.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

  • Implement safe nursing skills for common patient needs in a variety of settings.
  • Develop an interest in pursuit and development of knowledge regarding the discipline of nursing.
  • Proceed with nursing care while maintaining accountability and professionalism within the legal and ethical standards of the nursing program.
  • Predict, plan, and implement comprehensive care plans utilizing critical thinking skills to care for patients as human beings with common requirements.
  • Discuss therapeutic relationships through both verbal and nonverbal communication with clients, their significant others, and the multidisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Meet eligibility requirements of the state licensing examination.
  • Practice within the defined scope of practice.
  • Program Cost: $27,400

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    Vocational Nursing Admission Policy

    Any student enrolling in a program starting after 12/1/2011 will meet the following criteria:

    Admission Statement

    Guided by the mission statement of the Dallas Nursing Institute, the Nursing Admission Committee selects applicants for admission to the School who meet the Specific Pre-admission Educational Requirements.

    General Pre-Admission Requirements

    Applicants are admitted to the school on a term basis.

    General requirements include:

    1. Completed application form.
    2. Non-refundable application fee.
    3. Official transcript of all high school credits, or, if applicable an official General Education Test (G.E.D.) certificate.
    4. Official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended.
    5. Be at least 17 years of age. (In accordance with Texas laws, if under 18, a parent or legal guardian signature is required prior to enrollment)

    Specific Pre-Admission Educational Requirements

    1. Standardized Test Requirements for Admission-All accepted applicants must achieve performance on one of the following:
      1. An American College Test (ACT) score within the last five years with a composite score of 19 or above or
      2. A Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score within the last five years with a composite score of 1350 or above; or
      3. The VN Admission Assessment HESI A2 Exam minimum score taken at DNI within the last two years with a score of 80 on Reading Comprehension and 75 on Math and a maximum of one retake attempt of either or both sections.
    2. Applicant essay scored by program director or designee.
    3. Applicant must pass a drug screen (Board of Nursing 213.29 Criteria and Procedure Regarding Intemperate Use and Lack of Fitness in Eligibility and Disciplinary Matters).
    4. Applicant background check must meet the Board of Nursing 213.28 criteria regarding Licensure of Person with Criminal Offenses. Minor criminal offenses (Class C misdemeanor(s)) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Decision of the Executive Director is final.

    About the Blue Card

    The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) requires all students to meet eligibility requirements before enrolling into a nursing school program. Students who meet these requirements and have a clear background check will be issued a blue card by the Texas BON as proof of eligibility. For information on receiving a blue card please call DNI’s Office of Admissions at 888.201.8806.

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