About Dallas Nursing Institute

About DNI

Founded in 1991, Dallas Nursing Institute (DNI) is a nonprofit institution with a mission to advance the art and science of nursing through academic excellence by integrating the knowledge, skills, and values essential for nursing practice.

Guidance, compassion, and excellence are the cornerstones of a comprehensive nursing education. With this in mind, Dallas Nursing Institute has built an academically rigorous curriculum that is centered on the values of determination, cultural diversity, and service to our community.

A nonprofit nursing school, DNI prepares competent, selfless nurses who are able to anticipate and administer patient care in even the most stressful situations.

Rigorous technical training that focuses on self-reliance, compassion, empathy, and ethics enables graduates to make mindful decisions that positively impact the lives of patients as well as those in their community.

Through DNI, graduates establish a strong foundation for a successful career in nursing.




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