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Dallas Nursing Institute: From compassion to service

Posted on by Blake Pinto

Recently, we asked our students and faculty how their time at Dallas Nursing Institute has benefited them. Their answers were both impactful and emotional.

The determination of our students to help others is striking, and that drive will help them develop into extraordinary nurses. Many choose to volunteer their time outside of class to give back to their community at free clinics or by offering free screenings.

By sharing the same compassion that’s inside every one of our students, our faculty help lay the foundation for a successful nursing career. They’re not just teachers, they’re practicing nurses with years of experience. Focused on community involvement as well as rigorous clinical training, our faculty are able to guide students to become a part of something bigger.

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DNI Pull Quotes Quincy Jennings 1024x250 - Dallas Nursing Institute: From compassion to serviceQuincy Jennings is a student in DNI’s Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) program. Guided by his compassion to help others, he discussed how he spent his time volunteering in underserved areas around Dallas, TX. At DNI, he found a collaborative atmosphere where the faculty and his fellow students contributed to him finding the career that he wanted.


DNI Pull Quotes Amy Guin 1024x250 - Dallas Nursing Institute: From compassion to service

Amy Guin is a graduate of our LVN program. After working in the field, Amy returned to DNI to become a Registered Nurse (RN) through our LVN to RN Transition program. In a very emotional interview, she talked about how important DNI was in helping her realize the strength that she has inside of her. For Amy, DNI not only helped her become a competent nurse, but changed her life.


DNI Pull Quotes Joseph Davis 1024x250 - Dallas Nursing Institute: From compassion to serviceJoseph Davis is clinical instructor for our LVN and Associate Degree in Nursing program. A Registered Nurse with years of experience in the field, Joseph encourages his students to become involved in the community. In addition to giving students the chance to use the skills that they’ve learned, this also teaches them how to provide services to people from various backgrounds.