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DNI student government gets a reboot

Posted on by mlothamer

By Jennifer Hostutler
Student Services Coordinator, Dallas Nursing Institute

All of us who work at DNI share a real commitment to provide students with services and resources important to their success. As our Student Services Coordinator—whether I’m helping a student research affordable child care, providing them with financial tools to help manage their bills, or just being there with an encouraging wordI am proud to be an advocate for them.

Many resources are created and managed by staff and leadership, but one resource for student success that I think is particularly vital for student engagement and success was created by, with, and for students: DNI’s Student Council.

Here are three goals of the Student Council and why it matters:

1. To give DNI students a voice

One goal of the Student Council is to promote healthy communication between school administration and the student body. Together, we are all driving forces who shape and strengthen our community, but no one understands the impact a DNI education can have like the students do. The Student Council gives them a seat at the table so that they can collectively make DNI a great place to learn and grow.

2. To create service opportunities that enrich the student experience

The Council is developing some really fun, cool, and unique opportunities students should definitely get involved in. They plan to participate in events that promote awareness and raise funds to combat diseases like Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and AIDS, which impact the lives of those in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, as well as around the globe.

Because service is an important part of DNI’s educational model and an integral part of being a health care professional we want to find ways to connect students to opportunities that enable them to be of service to the community and put all the skills they have been gaining to practice through volunteering. Right now the Student Council is focusing their efforts at exploring additional ways they can lend a hand at some of DNI’s clinical sites which include local nursing homes.

3. To provide support and mentorship to one another

Something else in the works we are excited about is a student mentoring program. Nursing students are some of the kindest, most compassionate, and giving people I know, so it makes total sense to give students on the verge of graduating the opportunity to provide guidance and support to students just entering one of DNI’s programs. We hope that through this exchange of knowledge, support, and experience we can play a role in student success.

We also look to strengthen our alumni association because we want to increase opportunities for DNI grads to network with each other. The connections made at DNI should last a lifetime.

Join Us

Now is the time to get involved with the Student Council. Not only are we searching for new student leaders to guide the organization, but we are also looking to increase our student membership. There is nothing we can’t do together! There is real power in uniting our community and we hope the Student Council continues to grow so it’s bigger and better than ever before.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Student Council, or for a schedule of upcoming events, please email me at [email protected].

Jennifer joined the Dallas Nursing Institute team in December of 2015 as the Student Services Coordinator. Jennifer joined the Dallas Nursing Institute team in December of 2015 as the Student Services Coordinator. She brings with her 10 years of experience working in higher education. She is a passionate advocate for students and works every day to enhance the DNI student experience. She received her Master’s degree in Counseling and has her undergraduate in Business Psychology.