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How to become an RN with an associates degree

Posted on by Blake Pinto

Thinking about becoming a registered nurse? Whether you are just graduating from high school or looking to change careers, choosing to join the medical profession as a registered nurse is a great decision. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists registered nursing in the top five occupations for projected job growth, with the total number of estimated job openings for nurses at more than one million by 2022.

Earning an Associate Degree in Nursing is an excellent way to start your career as a registered nurse, and Dallas Nursing Institute can help start you on the right path. DNI’s ADN program will prepare graduates to make an impact in their communities and provide compassionate care through hands-on, rigorous training. Students rely on three components of nursing care—biology, psychology, and sociology—as the foundation of all they do in the program.

General requirements for acceptance into the DNI ADN program may include*:

  • Minimum scores from either the ACT, SAT, HESI A2, or relevant coursework
  • Transfer credits
  • Letters of reference
  • Written essay
  • Interview with the ADN program director

The ADN program at DNI is 80 weeks in length, depending on transferrable credits and individual student performance, and will prepare graduates to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam.

DNI’s ADN program tuition costs include books, materials, equipment, scrubs, health screenings and immunizations, tutoring, and a Kaplan NCLEX study course (see associate degree program for details). This cost structure helps students start a successful nursing career by focusing on their studies rather than tracking down necessary equipment and supplies.

DNI’s ADN program is an outstanding choice leading to a rewarding nursing career. Start on your path today by requesting more information from Dallas Nursing Institute or call 888-201-8806.

*Specific requirements may vary. Please contact the admissions department for a current list of requirements.


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