DNI RN to BSN Program

RN to BSN Online Program

DNI’s RN to BSN online program opens the door to nursing jobs in a variety of healthcare-related fields—including mental health, consultation, social assistance, and government. With four distinct concentrations, BSN degree graduates will be able to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in an online nursing program with specializations that will bring them to the forefront in various areas of nursing.

BSN Nursing Degree Concentrations

  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Mental Health Focus
  • eHealth and Telemedicine
  • Ethics and Professional Practice


BSN Online Nursing Degree Experience

The RN to BSN program is offered as an online nursing program, giving nurses the opportunity to advance their nursing career with the added flexibility of earning their nursing degree online while continuing to work as a registered nurse.


BSN Salary and Career Opportunity

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Registered Nurses (RN) is expected to grow 16 percent between 2014 and 2024, much faster than average for all occupations.

What is the Difference Between an RN and BSN?

BSN nurses are registered nurses (RN) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, which is a more advanced nursing degree than the typical nursing diploma or Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

More employers are seeking nurses with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees; graduates with BSN degrees can practice in all healthcare settings. Nurses with BSN degrees have the opportunity of being promoted to leadership or management roles or continuing their education.


Experienced Nursing Faculty

BSN degree candidates at Dallas Nursing Institute receive guidance from faculty with years of experience in nursing. Focused on the unique areas of leadership, transcultural nursing, informatics, and telehealth, the online RN to BSN program prepares nurses to:

  • Provide safe, patient-centered care to diverse communities
  • Participate in creating, promoting, and managing a safe health care environment
  • Use information technology related to eHealth and Telehealth environments
  • Help facilitate the development of patient care technology
  • Collaborate to improve professional nursing standards


Nurses Who Make an Impact

The compassion that nursing students experience at Dallas Nursing Institute inspires them to dedicate their work to benefiting the world around them. Through our online RN to BSN program, our nurses are able to use their advanced nurse training in impactful ways—providing care and promoting public health awareness in diverse communities.


RN to BSN Online Program Cost

$250 per credit hour, $50 technology fee per course


Admissions Requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited associate degree in nursing program with a cumulative grade point average (cumulative GPA) of 2.0 or higher
  • Registered Nursing (RN) license in good standing

Visit the RN to BSN program admissions page for more information on applying to the program.


Transfer Credit Policy

Students are required to complete 36 credits in residency at Dallas Nursing Institute. These credits may not be met with transfer credit from another Institution.

Students who meet admissions requirements for the RN-BSN program will have 60 units of credit, equivalent to their valid associate’s degree, posted to their file.

If General Education courses are to be transferred into the program, they must have been completed with a minimum grade of 2.0 or C from an accredited higher education institution within the last 10 years. Courses or their equivalent eligible for transfer credit are: ENGL 4301, COMM 3301, PSYC3301, PHIL 3301, PSYC4301, PSYC 4303, SOCL 4301, STAT 3301. The CGPA of all the courses transferred into the institution must equal 2.0.  No lower division courses will be accepted in transfer as equivalent to the courses listed above.


Program Time to Completion – How long does it take to get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

100 Weeks* – approximately 2 years.


*Actual program length is determined by the number of transferable credits as well as student performance. Please consult your admissions representative for more information.

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